The Mashah Series

The Mashah Series is a collection of materials and benefits you can choose to have access to as part of the Mashah Ministry Training family! Things like a FREE closed Facebook group to talk with other Mashah Ministry leaders and the ability to purchase Continuing Education (C.E.) courses to enhance your Mashah Training, for starters!



When you purchase Mashah Ministry Training you receive a purchase code in the back of your manual. Send us an email to and include that purchase code to receive access to The Mashah Series Collection!


*Please note, you are able to purchase The Mashah Series courses at any time – however you will not have access to the material without sending us proof of purchase for the Mashah Ministry Training. Proof of purchase is the purchase code at the back of the Mashah Manual. 




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About the Author:

Ruth Hendrickson is a conference speaker, ministry trainer, board certified counselor, and served on the pastoral staff at a Spirit-filled United Methodist Church for over 13 years. In addition, she is a course facilitator for Patricia King Institute and an ordained minister with the American Presbyterian Church. Ruth has extensive experience in the development, training, implementation, and oversight of Emotional Healing Ministry Teams, Recovery Ministries, Prophetic Ministry, Prayer Ministries and Women’s Ministry. She is passionate about training, equipping, and releasing individuals to walk in wholeness, healing (both physical and emotional) and freedom. Ruth’s understanding of various denominations allows her to easily cross denominational boundary lines.

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