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Equip: Online Courses to Keep You Moving Forward!

With over 50 hours of teaching and training, Equip is the latest in personal and collective ministry training!

Equip is loaded with videos, worksheets, documents, quizzes, sample prayers, and more, allowing users to learn on the go. You can keep track of your course status, take the quizzes and even send in your questions during your daily commute, at home or even on the beach. With courses on Forgiveness, Creating a Prophetic Culture, Prayer Team Training, Mashah Ministry and more, you will be growing and seeing breakthrough before you can finish that cup of coffee (or tea)!

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We know life is busy, so start and continue the courses when it’s just right. 

Equip is home to Mashah Ministry Training. Mashah Ministry Training allows users to quickly and easily move forward with starting an emotional healing ministry or just see more breakthrough in your life personally. But that’s not all, when you buy Mashah Ministry Training you will also get first access to new courses and materials as they get released!

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Nuggets for Advancement

Nuggets for Advancement is short four-part mini-series in which Ruth talks about four golden “nuggets” that keep us moving forward.

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A Mashah Training Bonus

The Mashah Series

An introduction to the Mashah Ministry Training: Emotional Healing and Deliverance family and series of materials.

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Anger is a God-given emotion that often goes out of bounds and becomes unhealthy. How do we navigate through the storm to bring healing and wholeness into this area of our lives?

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Mashah Ministry Forms

We are providing access to forms we have found helpful for running a successful emotional healing ministry. These forms are easily customizable and can be formatted the way you want!

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Mashah is a dynamic training in Emotional Healing and Deliverance. As you go through the training you will find yourself being set free and delivered at the same time! Let the journey begin and be amazed at what God does.

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We know that forgiveness is vital to our well-being. However, to fully experience forgiveness we need to understand its various intricacies. Join Ruth as she unpacks this powerful topic.

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