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Why are there so many “Mashah” courses?2018-11-23T18:11:15+00:00

Mashah Ministry Training is a comprehensive option for individuals, churches and ministries to provide training and content for emotional healing and deliverance ministry. Because of the vast content, we needed to break it up into bite size pieces to make sure everyone was getting what they wanted – nothing more, nothing less. We did this by developing “The Mashah Series”. Anything related to Mashah Ministry Training is classified under “The Mashah Series”. That included the base model – Mashah Ministry Training, add-on courses such as Anger and Forgiveness, and resources such as Mashah Ministry Forms. 

 The Mashah Series

In order for someone to have access to any of the courses or resources from “The Mashah Series”, they will have had to purchase the base model, Mashah Ministry Training as a prerequisite. The Mashah Series courses are noted with five leaf star logo on the course banners.

Team Training

Some people are part of what is called “Team Training” meaning they are on an established team through a church, ministry office, missionary center, etc, and the team leader has paid for their team to have access to Equip and The Mashah Series. If you are on a team, then your team leader is your point of contact for course availability, assignments, and your log in credentials.


What other resources are available to me?2018-11-23T19:25:50+00:00

Facebook Closed Group

One of the benefits to owning Mashah Ministry Training base model or being on team with access to Mashah Ministry Training, is that we have a closed group on facebook that you can interact with the global Mashah family! You can ask questions, get answers, meet other ministry leaders, and interact with Ruth Hendrickson, founder of Mashah.

Join today
You will be asked for the purchase code in order to join.

Individuals: This code will be found at the back of your Mashah Ministry Training workbook. Once you answer the facebook question with this purchase code, you will be approved by the admin, and have access.

Teams: Please contact your team leader for your team code. When asked the question on facebook, input your team code. Once you answer the facebook question with this purchase code, you will be approved by the admin, and have access.

*You will need a personal facebook account in order to access the closed facebook account. 

Ruth’s Book List

Ruth Hendrickson Ministries has put together a list of books we have found helpful during the course of ministry and personal growth. Please note that this does not mean that we agree 100% with everything written in these books. We encourage you to be discerning as you explore these tools of study.

Visit the Book List





What is team training?2018-11-23T19:44:02+00:00

Team Training is available for established groups (churches, missionary organizations, ministry centers, etc.) who would like to use Mashah as a curriculum. The organization must first purchase Mashah Ministry Training (available in USB or DVD format). After purchase please email us at info@ruthhendrickson.org to find out pricing options for your organization. Plans start at $110.00 for groups of 1-10 people for one year. We have options for all group sizes!

What’s included:

Team Training includes access to “The Mashah Series” which included the base model of Mashah as well as add-on courses for continual education. Also included is access to an online closed Facebook group that connects the global Mashah family, and support for team leaders as they implement Mashah Ministry Training in their organization.  Each one of your members would be given a username and password for Equip and they can then watch the courses and access the forms anywhere and at any time!* You can assign them homework, and even restrict access to certain courses until your team/individuals are ready.

Get started today
Purchase Mashah Ministry Training – USB option click here or DVD option click here.

*Access requires either data or internet service. Ability to watch videos and listen to sound are needed. 

Do you still have questions? 


If you are on a team, please contact your team leader.


You can email us at info@ruthhendrickson.org. Our response times are based on volume, during business days.