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Ministry Trainer

Motivating. Biblically based. Compassionate. Visionary.

These are among the words that best describe the prayer and teaching ministry of Rev. Ruth Hendrickson. Since God called her into ministry, Ruth has been committed to developing a curriculum that trains believers how to minister in God’s power and anointing. The training modules teach people how to hear the voice of God, apply Biblical truths to all facets of their lives and to impact the world around them. Ruth has developed and leads the Prayer Team, Mashah Ministry Team (Inner Healing), Celebrate Recovery Ministry (12 step Christ centered addiction program), Women’s Ministry as well as other ministries such as the Healing Rooms Ministry (Physical Healing), Prayer Shield and Prophetic Ministry at The Crossing.

Ruth has crossed denominational lines assisting in establishing God’s specific blueprint for prayer and healing ministries within churches worldwide. Ruth also comes alongside established ministries to help equip and train them to get to the next level God has for them in ministering inside and outside the church. With over 25 years of experience she can help identify ministry team weaknesses and help build stronger foundations so that their work is effective, powerful and anointed.

With unique grace and wisdom she comes alongside pastors and leaders to equip them to lead strong and balanced ministry teams. With so many different world views on what inner healing, deliverance, addiction and physical healing ministries should look like, a Biblical based and compassionate framework is essential.

Ruth’s Message to Pastors Concerning Prayer Teams

Contact Ruth to find out more about how she has helped pastors, leaders and ministries identify and address challenges and in turn build healthy, Biblically based, balanced and effective ministry teams.

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