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Have you ever dreamed of a future that far surpasses your present?

Would you like to know the secret of allowing God to position you for more?

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Positioned takes you on a journey where you encounter the God of the Impossible through the struggles and triumphs of people just like you and just like me. You will be challenged and encouraged to tackle every hindrance holding you back so that you can walk in your divine destiny.

As you discover the depths of God’s great love for you, your vision for your life and future will shift as God opens your eyes. He knows your true potential and gave you your identity. This book will show you how to see yourself through God’s viewpoint so you can embrace what He is preparing for you.

Become Positioned to be a person of impact!


'Ruth Hendrickson is a stellar, seasoned, leader, and a spiritual mother in

the Body of Christ. Along with her committed personal journey with

God, her years of experience have produced invaluable nuggets that will

truly help any believer toward spiritual maturity. Her book, Positioned,

is filled with treasures that will align and empower the reader to walk in

their God-appointed destiny.'

Dr. Patricia King
Founder of Patricia King Ministries
Founder of Women in Ministry Network

'Ruth is inviting you into an adventure with God where you will

discover what it really means to live from your true identity, shift the

way you see yourself, see God and the potential of your unique design.

You will discover the lies that have held you back so you can

courageously move ahead in your destiny with God.

'Where you have been doesn't define who you are, but it is an important

part of your story. Ruth will help you discover who you are both

naturally and spiritually so that you can design a life you can't wait to


With anticipation,

Rob Stoppard
Destiny Unlimited International

'When I opened the pages of Ruth Hendrickson's new book titled:

Positioned: How To Be Aligned & Empowered To Walk In Your Divine

Destiny, I knew it would be amazing when I read the following words,

'It is time to sing your way to victory…It is time to burst forth in a

victory song… a song with power to topple any mountain that stands in

your way and dis-arm any enemy that stands against you.'


'Amen! This book is amazing. It has revelation within every word and

an impartation of faith as you read through each chapter. Ruth weaves

personal life stories right alongside the Word. She invites you on a

personal journey of limitless destiny with God as we all 'look a little

higher.' And the reason is…You were created for MORE.'

Julie Meyer
IntoTheRiver.net – Julie's Online Worship Community
Singing the Scriptures TV Show
Singing through the Psalms

'Most books on fulfilling your spiritual destiny only inspire you. This

book goes far beyond that. Drawing on her many years of experience

working in emotional healing, Ruth Hendrickson provides powerful and

rich insights in the ways we can move past the internal barriers that keep

us from fulfilling our God-given destiny. This book will do more than

inform you. It will empower you!'

Dr. J. Scott McDermott
Lead Pastor
Washington Crossing UMC

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