Speaking of God’s Faithfulness

God is FaithfulThis morning as I was driving to work I was listening to a Christian Radio Station. The DJ’s were talking to someone about how faithful God is. I found myself thinking “wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a job where the focus was on the faithfulness of God?” Wait – I am a pastor at a church and a conference speaker. I talk about God’s faithfulness all the time. YIKES! I don’t know if God was pulling a fast one on me to get me to laugh, or if the brain was still back home sound asleep in bed!

Now, you may be thinking – “I am not a DJ on a Christian Radio station and I am not a pastor” – today I am going to clean toilets, change diapers, and try to hold my sanity together. Or, you may be a high level executive in a corporation; you may be a secretary, a bank teller, a barista, or a dancer. Whatever you do today, you can do it onto the Lord. You can worship, pray, rejoice and laugh! He doesn’t place a limit on how much we adore Him, or what we are doing when we adore Him!

No matter what we do, we are to speak of God’s faithfulness. In the Old Testament we see a mandate to tell of God’s faithfulness, to remember all that he has done. In the New Testament we find “We did not follow cleverly invented stories when we told you about the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty”. (2 Peter 1:16 NIV). The author, Simon Peter, states that what he is sharing is what he saw not some made up story.

How have you seen God working in your life? Have you seen His steadfast faithfulness over the years? Where do you see Him working now? Take a moment to thank Him for His faithfulness. Then, find someone to share a true story about God’s faithfulness in your life. We need to tell the stories!

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Ruth Hendrickson is a conference speaker, ministry trainer, board certified counselor, and served on the pastoral staff at a Spirit-filled United Methodist Church for over 13 years. In addition, she is a course facilitator for Patricia King Institute and an ordained minister with the American Presbyterian Church. Ruth has extensive experience in the development, training, implementation, and oversight of Emotional Healing Ministry Teams, Recovery Ministries, Prophetic Ministry, Prayer Ministries and Women’s Ministry. She is passionate about training, equipping, and releasing individuals to walk in wholeness, healing (both physical and emotional) and freedom. Ruth’s understanding of various denominations allows her to easily cross denominational boundary lines.

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